Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Talk about your experience with Ultimaker printers
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Re: Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Post by Titus »

I wonder how much improvement(and visible in what) you'd get with an enclosing on an UMO.

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Re: Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Post by drayson »

I have side doors and a top closure made of some kind of zigzag fabric and for some prints I also close the front with a thin sheet of acryl.
I don´t know how to assess the "improvement" but my imagine is that for some parts it helps to have less warping and a better surface. At least the parts cool down slower...

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Re: Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Post by Meduza »

Neotko wrote:Been testing some of the stickers and IMO they suck big time. Not because they don't stick I'm sure they do, but for me I want perfect flat no scratch/defects surface, and unless you are a PROfesional vinyl placer (and I did some work on that for a few long ago) it's a big pain to fully place it on the glass without bubbles. In theory you should wet the glass to have some 'wiggle' room, and by doing that it get's easier. The bubbles, if you are patience, and with a credit that you place the adhesive, you can 'more or less' to place it fully, the problem is that because the adhesive it's quite strong (but easy and clean to remove) it's quite a pain in the but to keep all straight and perfect. In the end after wasting 2 stickers I was able to place one, but still because all the adjustments and unstick-stick and one by one cleaning all bubbles, the surface it's FAR from perfect. IMO, for my stuff where the bottom layer is as important as the top layer, they SUUUUUUCK.
I was testing one of these sticker sheets for the first time myself today, and i do have to say i found it pretty simple to get it perfect (not a single bubble) at my first try... But then i also just went and got my spray bottle of professional application fluid, wetted both the glass plate and the sticker, and used a felt scraper of the kind you use for mounting Vinyl to squeeze the liquid out :p (Yep, worked with vinyl stuff professionally a bunch of years ago)

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Re: Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Post by LePaul »

How is it for removing your prints?

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Re: Anyone purchase the Advanced 3D printing kit?

Post by Neotko »

That's not fair with superproskills XD

I tested 3 but also it wasn't my greatest day doing infinite tests on 'the other stuff' was quite exhausting

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