Getting all Squared up

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Getting all Squared up

Post by Izzy »

So on Friday I decided to check the squareness or perpendicularaty of my X & Y axis, I printed a large hollow square test piece and using a piece of paper to check it (I did flip and reverse the paper to check it) and they weren't :roll: not by much (-bout 0.50mm in 200mm) but I wasn't happy and going to sort it,
so I printed off a pair of little bits to realign the axis, . ... xis-square.
Nice little device but my screws weren't in an accesable place to effective reach and tighten, so I designed and printed a longer pair. ;-) and set to work adjusting. Now you a susposed to clip them onto your 6mm head shafts at the front and back, loosen off one set of pulleys and then using the alignment arms square them against the 8mm shafts, retighten and you are set.

So I printed off my Squareness test piece, and checked it, :-? It was worse.
Try again, this time checking and rechecking and against both the left and right sides. Print and :shock: not!
Check the alignment parts, swap, align, swap check, :shock: not!
So my main 8mm Y-axis pulley bars are not square to the X-axis bars, tolerances, don't you just love them :lol: Can I loosen one side panel and adjust it slightly, no it won't move.

So now I need to slightly pack one of the alignment arms to achieve squareness, it's now better than it origionally was, and I've ordered a flat engineers square to get it accurately square rather than piece of paper square.

So what did I print on "3D printing day"? Lots of squareness test pieces,
And when the engineers square arrives I will get it square :ugeek:

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