Printing PEEK on Ultimaker

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Printing PEEK on Ultimaker

Post by gr5 »

Rajil Pahuja is printing PEEK and it looks real good. Other materials also like PEI but PEEK is the most diffiult. Here is a post about it on the UM forum: ... psu-on-um2

and here is a video of printing peek:

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Material    Nozzle   Bed
Ultem 9085  360C     150C
Ultem 1010  370C     160C
PSU         370C     160C
PPSU        380C     160C
PEEK        400C     160C
Air temperature is around 60-65C.

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Re: Printing PEEK on Ultimaker

Post by MTVDNA »

Wow, those temperatures are really high. Does the bed even get that hot by default?

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Re: Printing PEEK on Ultimaker

Post by Meduza »

No, it stalls at between 105 and 120 depending on the individual printer. He has added a extra silicone heater to the bottom of the bed to boost the temperature.

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Re: Printing PEEK on Ultimaker

Post by LePaul »

I posted asking about fumes. I know some high temp stuff really requires some respiratory safety

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