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Re: Simplify3d basic guide

Post by Izzy »

In S3D, On the machine control panel there are 3 macro buttons you can program, I did set them for atomic clean temperatures so Macro 1was heat nozzle to 210, macro 2 was heat nozzle to 96.
Was ideal for atomic cleaning when having to do a lot of cleans with a messy filament.
But because i didn't know how to correctly save them I had to type them each time I opened the control panel.

I can control the part cooling fans no problem it was the rear fan I wanted to be able to switch off once the nozzle block had cooled to room temperature or about 30'C

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Re: Simplify3d basic guide

Post by Neotko »

Small tutorial to show how this options affects Zscar and visible marks on the perimeters

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