Finger Splint

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Finger Splint

Post by Roberts_Clif »

While working the other day I kind of fractured my finger.

Thought about going to the Drug store and purchasing a finger splint, but what is a finger splint.
They are nothing more than a support to hold the finger in place while it heals, and made from metal or plastic.
Upon searching the internet I found dozens of different style finger support STL files upon finding one I liked.

I proceeded to adjust the size until it measured the approximate size of my finger.

Now I know the smart thing would be to have gone to the hospital had x-rays.
Though the last time I broke a bone the hospital acted as though I was taking up their valuable time.
Took dozens of x-rays sent me to the drug store to get a collar strap to hold my shoulder in place.
They sent me home without even giving me a simple bandage for any of my many cuts or bruises.
This cost me around $1299 dollars and really made me mad for what they charged for doing nothing.

Been walking around working with it fractured for about a week now.
When I bend it wrong the pain feels like a fractal of pain, through the Middle Metacarpal
So this time I 3D Printed a finger splint cost 5¢ and taped it on with electricians tape.

Thank you " "

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