Conversion to dual colours

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Conversion to dual colours

Post by gr8fun »

Hi all
I'm reasonably new to 3d printing and loving every moment, but I'm now looking to stretch my skills and upgrade my ANEW a8 i3 printer to print in two colours.

What's involved?
Are there any recommendations you can provide?
Many thanks

Gr8fun 8-)

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Re: Conversion to dual colours

Post by GrueMaster »

Not an easy undertaking by any means. Do you want to do direct modifications to your system? This is really something that is a high level of difficulty with the potential of completely bricking your system. Not that it can't be done.

If you are trying for separate colors in different layers like my D&D Dice Jail lid, then it is a simple matter of adding a pause to the print (not too hard in Cura).
Dice jail.jpg
If you want true multi-color printing, you either need to butcher your system (replace the current extruder with a dual feed, add wiring for the new extruder, modify the firmware, and pray you don't screw it up) or you could buy something like the Mosaic Pallete 2 and be up and running in no time.

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Re: Conversion to dual colours

Post by LePaul »

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