Sent Wrong Heaters

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Sent Wrong Heaters

Post by Roberts_Clif »

Purchased some 12V 40Watt heaters, After Receiving the wrong heaters 24v, I decided to Use my spare 24V power Supply.
This was the original Supply for my 3D Printer, A Replacement was purchased because I thought the Original was bad.

After telling the Seller that I would Keep them Because I could Upgrade to 24 Volt system this occurred.
Roberts_Clif wrote: Hello

the order I placed Aug 24, 2017
an Arrived on the Aug 28, 2017

I just got to check them out. And before you get worried I will keep them.
This is only because I decided to upgrade the Printer to 24V, Plus not having any 12volt Heaters could not repair It.
Having the spare 24Volt Supply It seemed the Logical thing to do.

You sent me 24V 15R Heaters they were labeled with VHB-AC-5234. I measured them all with an Ohm meter at 16.6 ohms.

However I did order the 12V this NOTE is just for your information (FYI) only.

P.S. I left Positive feed back
Seller wrote: Hi. Thanks. How did you figure out it is for 24V? Thanks.
Like they would not heat up the hot end... Duh!!!!!!
You know they think we are stupid.
Roberts_Clif wrote:
It is Simple they are 40 watt heaters.

The resistance is 15ohms
"actually the resistance varied to 16.6. a differences of 1.6ohms "10.6667% not bad tolerance for a, "Power Heater".
voltage / Resistance = Current
12volts / 15ohms = .8amps

"Voltage * Current = Power "
12Volts * .8amps = 9.6 watts this is not 40 watts

This is what you sent me.
"voltage / Resistance = Current "
24volts / 15ohms = 1.6amps

"Voltage * Current = Power "
24Volts * 1.6amps = 38.4 watts "This is what you sent me"

Electronics Technician Here.

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Re: Sent Wrong Heaters

Post by GrueMaster »

Simple answer; because one of you knows stuff (and it isn't the seller). :P

Good find. I always find it interesting when I have to explain these types of things to people that should know.

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