Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

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Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

Post by nilrog »

I do not know if you have heard it yet, but tonight I was brought to the attention by one of @gudo's sons on FB that he has passed away :cry:

@gudo was, to me, a man with great visions and ideas for improving our 3D-printing adventures. He created some awesome mods for our Ultimaker's and East 3D Gecko's that took those printers to a whole new level for us that likes to tinker and improve our printers. He probably modded more printers too, but those two are the ones I am aware of.

I did not know him that well...mainly from a few online forums like this...but I wanted to write a few words about this great man. @Neotko is probably the one here who has had most contact with him through the years while he modded his UMO+ printers :)

I did have the great opportunity though to discuss an idea I had for one of his mods...his coreXY mod for Ultimaker 2 & UMO+. I presented him with the idea, made the initial (re-)design of the chassis, and sent it to him. What I got back was truly more than I ever expected. I got a complete step-file where he took my design and added all his parts into a full featured printer. That printer is not yet operational as I have had limited time to assemble it. But I have posted some pics and hints on Twitter with the #nextprinter hashtag. Once I have more time I will put it all into a post here.

The most well known mod he created for our Ultimaker's was the awesome Zero Gravity Extruder.

But the one that caught my eye, together with the ZGE, was his CoreXY mod for Ultimaker.

He also worked on a new printhead for the Ultimaker 2.

...and many more small and big things.

I am glad our ways crossed in this 3D-printing universe...even if it wasn't for so long time. But he gave us a lot of ideas and designs during this time.

R.I.P. @gudo!

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Re: Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

Post by drayson »

He was an inspiration... what a sad day...

R.I.P.... @gudo

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Re: Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

Post by MTVDNA »

Although I didn't know him personally I was always very impressed by his mods. A great loss for the 3D printing community.

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Re: Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

Post by LePaul »

What a truly sad thing to hear.

We were all completely stunned and impressed at the work he had done.

I know @Neotko had some good collaborations/idea sharing with him as well. Much of that is documented here in the Forum.

My thoughts are with him and his family.

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Re: Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

Post by ivan.akapulko »

Saw this post only now. Terribly sad news. My sincere condolences to Gudo's family.

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