Uninterruptible power supply

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Uninterruptible power supply

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I have two working APC Smart-UPS 2200 uninterruptible power supply backup in case of a blackout.

These are used units that came from a defunct fast food restaurant, an were given to me free of charge.
After checking them out I found one had major electronic problems and it ended up in a circular file.
The other two only needed minor parts which I took from the UPS in the circular file to extend the life of the other two.

Ordering the last four batteries, I now have two APC Smart-UPS 2200's.
Testing the APC Smart-UPS 2200's connected my computer to test how long it operated, with a load of 450 watts this was about 32 minutes.

With this information in mind I calculated that it would give me about 27 minutes with one of my 3D Printer and half that time for two.
As most Power outages in are area last only a few minutes this should give me acquit time.

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