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-3DHex- new 3d printer firmware

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I have just finished a 3d printer experimental firmware and i would like to share my work with the community.

3DHex is an open source 3D printer firmware. The Host uses the CPU power of any typical desktop computer and generates a binary file. This file then is transfered either via USB or SD Card to the MCU. The MCU sets its outputs according to the raw 0s and 1s that binary file contains.


- User friendly configuration
- Jerk free S-Curve velocity profile
- Either S-Curve or Trapezoid profile
- Real arc G02/G03 motion
- Jump velocity
- Basic thermal protection
- Tested with RAMPS board
- USB printing (15KHz step rate)
- SD Card printing (25KHz step rate)
- LCD 16x2 support
- Only for Cartesian 3D printers

You can find more info about it + source onhttps://github.com/3DHexfw/3DHex In case you want to take a look to the source code or contribute to the project.

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