3DP-17 mod time

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3DP-17 mod time

Post by GrueMaster » October 15th, 2017, 4:15 pm

Now that I have my CR-10S dialed in and getting ~90% excellent prints, time to build up my old (bought it last winter) 3DP-17. I have replaced the heated bed (same bed, just no gouges from embedding the print head) and the bed mounting plate with this one. Then I will (finally) install my anti-backlash Z axis nuts.

Also moving the display from the top to the front using this mount. I'm also thinking of printing up cable channels like DarkDragonWing's.

Once it is all reassembled, I'll update the firmware to 1.1.6 (yes, I have backups of both stock OEM and current 1.1.0RC8). Eventually, I may install the BL Touch sensor and also consider the AC relay mod (great job btw).

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