Heating Failure

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Heating Failure

Post by stechkg42 »

I am brand new to 3D printing. I have a Hictop Prusa I3 that I assembled, leveled and tested. I successfully printed an small box using an SD card holding the GCODE generated from Cura 14.12 and tried to print a small project. About 10 minutes in to the printing of the project the LCD displayed "Heating Failure". I was unable to get he display to change by turning or pressing the control knob. I powered down the printer and tried again. This time I made sure the Head and Bed came to tempature and watched as the project started again. I left after the printing it looked to be going well. When I returned the LCD again showed Heating Failure.

Can someone please tell me where I need to look or do you know what my issue may be? I've attached the Gcode files is that helps.

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Re: Heating Failure

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Make sure the power supply switch is set correctly (USA is 120V). Aslo make sure all your connections are tight.

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Re: Heating Failure

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I'm surprised no one has answered. The most common problem is that the thermistor in the print head (the extruder) is broken or loose. It is the very thin white wires on the right side of the print head, usually taped to the hot end (the red wires). You were sent a spare with your kit; they are cheap on Amazon.

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