Newbie Things I've learned

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Newbie Things I've learned

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I'm new to 3D printing. I got my Hictop Prusa I3 for Christmas. It took me a day to assemble and a couple of days of false starts and stops to get printing. I thought I would offer some advise for other newbies

2 - I use Cura 2.3 to print and Slic3r to cut models up. It is VERY important to get the setting right when setting up these programs. Cura also tells you by weight about how much material you need to print a model. This cuts out guess work. Weight your spools when you get them and keep track of the weight.
3 - Slower is better. I used the default setting for PLA when I started and kept getting heating failures. I friend at work who runs a couple CNC machines in the shop told me I was printing to fast. The tiny print head could not keep up with the cold material coming in. My default Temperature for PLA is set to 220, the Bed is set to 60 and the print speed is 20. If the part is small, less that 1 inch, I slow the print speed down to 10
4 - Rafts and structures are a must for models that don't have flat surfaces touching the bed or have large over hangs.
5 - Check the websites for a model before you try and build one form scratch. Thingiverse has been an overload of models for me and my wife.
6 - Use an SD card and put the printer in another room! The fans are incredibly noisy. PLA does not smell bad, but ABS stinks!
7 - I use PLA, its inexpensive, doesn't need to be in a heated box and for what I am making is just as strong as ABS.
8 - Print at 20% fill. It will use less material and makes the model stronger.

That's all for now hope this helps someone else.

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Re: Newbie Things I've learned

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Welcome to the forum

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Re: Newbie Things I've learned

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I Print PLA at 196-200 with a bed temp of 50-60, and start at a speed of 40-50.
Once the base is complete changing the print speed to 70 - 86 for the rest of the print.
I have printed some non-complicated shapes at 76 like the display case shown from beginning to end.
however the complex shapes will start at a slower speed of about 40-50 then change to 76.

I purchased a BuildTak for my bed, thou more often than not I have used medium tack vinyl transfer paper over the bed.
A little prep in needed before using the transfer paper as PLA will not stick without sanding, Clean the BuildTak bed with alcohol allow to dry.
Apply the Transfer paper and sand with a 100 grit sand paper and wipe the dust off then print, when the paper tears simply replace.
I have had to tape the transfer paper to the Front and back edge, only after applying the BuildTak to the Bed on the bare aluminum bed it stuck.

*** Note sanding with a quick scuff across the transfer paper should take no more that 15 seconds.
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