Octoprint Tutorials

Wireless/network connectivity to print, control and monitor prints!
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Octoprint Tutorials

Post by GrueMaster » January 6th, 2018, 1:30 pm

Instead of making piecemeal posts here and there, I thought I would start an Octopi Tutorial thread.

First, follow the directions here to download and setup Octopi (give me a shout out if you use Win32DiskImager - </shameless plug>)

Changing the hostname and/or default password without knowing Linux:
After writing the Octoprint .img file to the SD card, you can create a couple of additional undocumented text files to further customize your setup. These go in the same area as octopi-network.txt (see directions at their site). These two files are read on boot, changes made to the underlying OS, and then these files are deleted. If you want to redo the changes you can remake the files. Or something more advanced, login to the pi (console or ssh) and make the changes there. Also, do NOT use WIndows Notepad. While it *may* work, it sucks as an editor. Use Write or something else and save the files as ascii plain text.

Change hostname:
To change the hostname, create octopi-hostname.txt with the only entry being the hostname. The built-in script only allows alphanumeric text (case sensitive), no formatting, no dashes (currently in this installation).

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Now your Octopi will show up on your network as My1stPi.local (assuming you followed all of the steps at http://octoprint.org to get the network part working).

Note: If you read my other posts, you will note that my printers are little-hicci and big-hicci (I like my hicci's :-P ). After getting them online, I logged in and edited /etc/hostname, then rebooted each system to get the dash in the name. But that will be a different tutorial.

Change default password:
To change the default password from raspberry to something else, create octopi-password.txt with the following entry:

Code: Select all


Note that this is an example that meets all password criteria, upper & lower case, numbers, and will take ~19 septillion years to crack).

Again, this file is read on boot, the password is changed, and the file deleted. Until then, the password is in plain text.

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Re: Octoprint Tutorials

Post by Roberts_Clif » January 6th, 2018, 3:36 pm

GrueMaster wrote:
January 6th, 2018, 1:30 pm
(give me a shout out if you use Win32DiskImager - </shameless plug>)
I use (Win32DiskImager) if there is a better program will use.
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Re: Octoprint Tutorials

Post by LePaul » January 6th, 2018, 5:07 pm

I used the same program, worked great! I also used Angry IP Scanner to find the device, which Windows wasn't crazy about running :)

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