Resume 3D print

Wireless/network connectivity to print, control and monitor prints!
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Resume 3D print

Post by Lez0 »

I have just seen this on Kickstarter, it continues your 3D print if it is stopped for whatever reason. I'll have to get one, it looks amazing!!!!

I have just been informed from the Resume 3D that this does not work with octopi at the same time :-(

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Re: Resume 3D print

Post by GrueMaster »

Likely works similar to Octoprint in that the print is sent from the device to the printer. If you print from SD, some printers can resume directly from their control menu (if enabled in firmware). I have had to resume a print once from Octoprint, and I was able to do so by editing the gcode file, deleting the printing code from start to the last layer. Where it resumed, there was a slight shift on one axis (I think I ended up off by 1 layer), but for the most part it turned out ok.

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