Gloss to matte finish shift?

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Gloss to matte finish shift?

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Hi Forum Folke,

Just installed a direct-drive extruder setup on my Ender 3, and printed a 20mm XYZ cube. Initial weirdness was due to my slicer (Cura) settings, which I fixed. Now, though, even though it prints a good cube, 20mm plus or minus 0.03 on all faces, no elephant foot, no ringing or ghosting or stringing, there's this weird shift from glossy to matte at 6mm up from the build plate. I don't think it's from random externals, because all three cubes I printed show that same gloss-to-matte shift at 6mm.

Does it seem a reasonable course to examine the gcode (*that* should be fun....) to see if there's a M104 or M109 command somewhere in there that reduces the hot-end temperature at that particular layer change?

What's a good gcode editor (bearing in mind that I'm running Linux Mint, not Windows, so Notepad++ is out of the question...) ??

Any ideas appreciated!
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Re: Gloss to matte finish shift?

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Do you have a photo of your test print?
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