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Anyone using this? I'm surprised there is no section dedicated to it. As a new user I'm looking for information, and not finding it on YouTube.

Anyone have expertise on troubleshooting this resin printer slicer?

Looking for info regarding setting up supports for non-figure/ practical prints, such as gears and other mechanical devices. Its odd that I can slice figures and such Ok with great results but things such as gears seem to fail in some odd ways,


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For my resin printer I use PrusaSlicer first to import the parts position and add supports. I has a good automatic add supports, but you usually want to edit them and add more. This software is easy to use. I export the part with supports and import it into Chilubox to slice it, again easy to use.
I just use the simple commands and have never looked at any of the options, because I have never needed to.
These 2 pieces of software seem to be the way that a lot of people use them. Give it a try, once you have used them a couple of times it becomes so easy to use.

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