3DP-11/12 Go nuts upgrades

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3DP-11/12 Go nuts upgrades

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I had written a post about how much I dislike the SN04 and what a PITA it is to have to re-zero it every print lest I get bed crashes/scratches and how I want to put a BL Touch on and that I need help....but there's already a post exactly for that. Instead I'll ask the second part of that post: what hardware upgrades should I really, really do? Minus the extruder fan, belt tensioners, and a cable chain, it's a pretty stock unit - don't think I've even upgraded the firmware.

I strongly dislike the aluminum bed (which is probably warped) and that I have to use blue tape on it *almost* as much as I dislike the inductive sensor. I could see myself adding a new bed with a flat build surface - glass, magnetic/removeable, ultrabase, whatever...

I'm up for whatever. I want to play around with the firmware, install the BL Touch, new bed/build surface, maybe a new extruder, motor drivers, etc...
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