Any Lulzbot Taz 6 folks here?

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Any Lulzbot Taz 6 folks here?

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I just acquired one that's fairly beat up. The X carriage print head mount screw was screwed in from behind (should be done from the front) their effort to remove the screw, the brass insert on the 3D printed part just spins in the hole. I've used a hot soldering iron and even a lighter to heat up the brass thread and screw. The previous owner simply over torqued that screw

The next issue is the stock print head. Multiple issues found there, the biggest being the "zero sense" wire that routes to the hot end was broken. Which explains why this machine seems to want to shear the hot end off when it tries to do self leveling (a bit scary to observe!)

There are a few mods this machine can have done, such as replacing the X carriage with a linear rail version.

The Taz is interesting, while it has a lot of 3D printed parts, in many areas, either injection molded or even, as in the case of the carriage, an aluminum milled part would have been so much better. I say that from the perspective of ruggedness.

Their interchangeable print heads intrigue me and I acquired a hardened nozzle setup in the package. That requires an adapter and given the stock X carriage mount is fouled up....well, nothing comes easy!

Anyone else have one/use one?
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