Help with Creality CR-10 V3 clogging

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Help with Creality CR-10 V3 clogging

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Hello! I'm hopping y'all might have a few ideas of what I can try to fix this issue. I have two Creality CR-10 V3 printers that always clog. Whenever I seem to have them working, they only get through one or two prints before they are completely clogged again. I have two in particular that cant even make it through a print.

I have tried replacing the nozzle, I've unblocked them several times, I've replaced the entire hot end several times because often the blockage is bad enough that it cant be salvaged. The prints themselves seem to go just fine, and then out of nowhere, it's printing an inch above the print with no filament coming out, because it's clogged again.

I use Cura to splice the files. The bed is set to 55 degrees, and the nozzle is set to 195 degrees. I use PolyMaker PLA filament. I've used brand new out of package filament, so I don't think it would be dust, etc. The print speed is 30 mm/s. Infill speed is 70 mm/s. Retraction is 7mm at a speed of 45 mm/s.

Here are picture of the prints on these two printers. The dark blue one doesn't seem to have any issues, while the light blue one gets these scraggly bits before it stops working. Any advice on things I can check on would be fantasic. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Help with Creality CR-10 V3 clogging

Post by LePaul »

Those Creality stock hotends can be problematic Have you checked the tube inside the hot end and checked if it is cooked/narrowed?
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