Sticky Residue Buildup in heatbreak and heater block - Ender 3

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Sticky Residue Buildup in heatbreak and heater block - Ender 3

Post by zevrant »

Trying to reduce the amount of constant maintenance the my ender 3 printers require and one of the biggest issues i’m having is a buildup of sticky residue inside the ptfe tube inside the hotend/ptfe tube. It’s not leaking as i visually inspect before cleaning and i can see where the tube connects and there’s a clear line and no visible signs of leakage. Usually some rubbing alcohol and a scrub brush will fix the issue for about 100hours of print time before needing to clean it again.

Running this with the extruder mounted on the X axis (if there's a proper direct drive mod for the ender 3 i would love to try it)

Things i have tried:
  • less heat printing at 200 instead of 205 - marginal / no difference
  • printing speed turned down to 20mm/s - it takes longer for the buildup to become an issue but it also takes as long for the prints to complete
  • lowered retraction distance from 7mm to 3mm - i thought the high retraction distance might be causing issues, while it made it better it did not fix the issue
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Re: Sticky Residue Buildup in heatbreak and heater block - Ender 3

Post by LePaul »

Yeah that's something I encountered on my CR-10 stock hot ends and upgraded to all metal, direct drive setups. The tube would start to get cooked and cause extrusion (under extrusion) issues.

There are a lot of nice upgrades out there. I love the Bondtech DDX upgrades
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