Getting wavy / ribbed prints

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Getting wavy / ribbed prints

Post by boiler02 »

Hi folks. I could really use some help, as I'm at a loss on this one. Recently I started printing some storage containers for a board game and, initially, things were going fine. The last few sets of prints, however, have developed the 'wave' / ribbed pattern you can see in the pictures. I'm printing two of the containers at a time, 'stacked' along the Y axis.

It's most prominent at the ends of the Y-axis, but is also found on the X-axis.

Possibly useful information:
Slicer - Simplify3D
Firmware - stock from Hictop, 3DP-11 or 12
Layer Height - 0.2mm
Filament - Tianse Black

About the images:
First - Side view of one of the containers. The wavy / rib is most present near the part of the print towards 0 on the Y-axis and fades as it gets closer to the middle

Second - side view of one of the container's inside.

Third - top of the 'top' most print on the Y-axis. It's Y-axis bottom is fairly smooth

Fourth - bottom of the 'bottom' most print on the Y-axis. It's Y-axis top is mostly okay

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Re: Getting wavy / ribbed prints

Post by LePaul »

Is this PLA?

Does it do this on any other models (so we can remove the slicer as the problem)

Can you do other tall prints and are you getting any of this Y issues?

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Re: Getting wavy / ribbed prints

Post by GrueMaster »

On my 3DP-17, this would indicate that the bed is loose. If you can put your hand on the bed and move it around without moving the steppers, you will need to tighten everything.

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Re: Getting wavy / ribbed prints

Post by Roberts_Clif »

I had a small problem like this with by 3DP11 and 3DP12 solved by adding a 4th Bed Plate Bearing to both.
4 Bearings.jpg
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